Enrolment Information

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Who can join rockschool..?

Rockschool classes at AllStars are typically suitable for 8-18 year olds, from total beginners to intermediates. 

Enrolled students are still very welcome to continue beyond age 18 should they wish to. (We won't lock the door on your 18th birthday!)


ROCK@home online lessons are suitable for 8 years to adult, as total beginners to intermediates.

We recognise that children develop at different rates, and so children younger than eight may be considered in special circumstances, such as having played previously or being advanced for their age.

Class Times

Online ROCK@home lessons:

 Please enquire for available 30 mins time slots on the instrument of your choice.

Classes in person:

At normal times, students enrol to attend a weekly one-hour class on the instrument of their choice, learning on a 2:1 ratio with their tutors.  Occasional extra lessons are offered free, and on a different instrument if you like!


6.15 - 7.15pm

7.15 - 8.15pm
8.15 - 9.15pm


 9.20 - 10.20am

10.20 - 11.20am

11.40 - 12.40pm

12.40 - 1.40pm

Rockschool continues all year round, including school holidays, only closing at Xmas/New Year.

There are no detrimental breaks in practice or wondering how to fill those long holidays when other activities shut down.

When Covid-19 restrictions prohibit classes, all lessons are held online using Zoom video meeting app, on a 1:1 basis for 30 mins.

Fees - what you get for your money

One simple payment:  £100 paid monthly by standing order.


PLUS all these extra benefits included:

  • FREE FULL TASTER LESSON.  No need to enrol for music lessons until you have tried out a whole class or Zoom lesson, met your tutors and are raring to go!
  • NO LONG TERM COMMITMENT.  Unlike school, we don't ask you to block book a whole term or a course of lessons.  Start at any time and stop with only one month's notice.
  • INSTRUMENTS AVAILABLE TO BORROW OR HIRE - Borrow for use during class, if you don't have your own yet, or if you'd just like to try something different. On Zoom, we can supply instruments for your taster lesson at no charge, or for longer-term hire at a modest charge.
  • TOTALLY FREE LESSONS offered from time-to-time, for extra fun or extra support.  Got an exam coming up at school?  Working on a song of your own?  Rehearsing for a gig?  Entering a competition?  If you'd like an extra lesson to help with it, just ask!
  • IDEAL RATIO OF STUDENTS TO TUTORS - A huge benefit at AllStars classes is that each tutor takes just TWO students.  Unlike lower cost alternatives where a class of students has to share just one tutor between everyone, with us, each small class of 6-10 students will have a team of 3-5 tutors!  With this dedicated support, all students get maximum attention, and learn at their own pace with no risk of being lost in a group, frustrated at being held back by beginners, or left behind by more experienced students.  Online ROCK@home lessons are on a 1:1 ratio.
  • ONE-TO-ONE LESSONS often given in class, at no extra charge.
  • SWITCH BETWEEN INSTRUMENTS.  Learning to rock in a band is a much richer experience than just a music lesson.  Enrolled for guitar lessons but want to try keyboards?  Learning bass but a drums session would help your rhythm?  Just ask!  Whilst you're enrolled, it's free!
  • DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S AWARD - Lessons at AllStars qualify for credit in the "Skills" section.
  • PERSONAL REFERENCE - We're delighted to support teenage students in applications to college, university and jobs. Learning an instrument is more than a "hobby" - it shows that a student has developed commitment, resilience and self-discipline that are recognised as valuable attributes for a young person in any career route.
  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES - There's been nothing more rewarding for us than being able to train our highest-achieving students to work with us as fully qualified tutors and support their growth as young professionals!
  • 10% FAMILY DISCOUNT for 2nd and subsequent students under 18.
  • 30% PARENT DISCOUNT for parents of enrolled students!

Missed lessons:

Don't worry if you'll miss a lesson - give us just 48 hrs notice and we can rearrange it for you.   


But even if you can't give us notice, we will try wherever possible to replace your missed lesson, as a goodwill gesture.


Students need not be concerned about falling behind if they miss a lesson, as our teaching approach lets everyone learn at their own pace and still make consistent progress.

student performing

"Thank you for giving us extra lessons, even when we haven't missed any.  We get amazing value for our fees.  Sam usually gives up activities too quickly but he really loves the mixture of instruments he can play at rock school, and learning with the different tutors.  They have kept him interested for almost three years so far and THAT's a first!" - Lisa P