What equipment is needed..?

There is no need to buy any equipment until you have attended your first few lessons and decided for sure that you want to learn. We can provide instruments to use during your taster lesson and usually a couple of classes afterwards. Alternatively, hire options are available for all instruments from just £15/month!

Drum Lessons: Only required to bring your own drumsticks. Electronic drumkits and headphones are provided for use during lessons. 


Keyboard Lessons: No equipment necessary for classes. Electronic keyboards and headphones are provided for use during lessons.

Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar Lessons: Required to bring your own guitar, small amp (10-15 watt ideal), lead, strap and pick (plectrum).


Acoustic Guitar Lessons:  Required to bring your own guitar, strap and pick (plectrum).  

We are always happy to help students and parents with any instrument-related queries you may have.

Arts Council financial support for parents

Take It Away scheme - Arts Council initiative to make musical instruments accessible to children and young people. Interest-free loans are available to parents of children under 18, and 18-25 year olds who can apply in their own right.