Keyboard Lessons

Often piano lessons are thought to be particularly dull and uninspiring, especially for teenagers. 


If you're more into Muse than Mozart, here's a cool way to learn to play keyboards and take to the stage. 


You'll learn on an electronic keyboard with headphones during the instructional part of the rockschool class when you're learning with the keyboards tutor, then off come the headphones and you're rocking out with the band!

So what are you waiting for..?

No instrument?  No problem!  Although you'd progress quicker by practicing between classes, you can still learn to play without having your own keyboard at home. Alternatively, you can hire a keyboard from just £10/month.

Too nervous? No need! Most students come to us as complete beginners and all teaching is at the student's own pace.  Tutors are young, friendly musicians who are trained to teach with patience and humour, putting students at ease and boosting confidence at all times.

Too shy?? Nope! Electronic keyboards have volume controls! Even shy students can play along quietly with the band until they find their feet and feel ready to blast!

Free Taster!

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Still not too sure yet?  Want to try out a full, 50 minute Rockschool class for FREE with absolutely no further commitment?  Book here!