Electric or Acoustic Guitar Lessons

 If you're looking for guitar lessons, you'll maybe already know how to play guitar a little or may be a complete beginner.  


Whatever support you need to get started or improve, your rockschool guitar tutor will be able to help and encourage at all times.


Electric or Acoustic Guitar..? 

Electric guitar is usually considered the definitive sound of rock music (Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page) whilst acoustic guitar is more common amongst singer/songwriters (Oasis, Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran, David Gray).


But both styles of guitar overlap and some great rock songs feature acoustic guitar (Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd; Patience - Guns 'n' Roses) and rock guitarists sometimes play "unplugged" brilliantly with acoustic guitars (Nirvana - MTV Unplugged). 

If you're not sure whether you'd prefer to take electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons, come along and try out both.  With the right sized instrument, both types are suitable for all ages.  


Our electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar lessons are completely interchangeable, so you can switch between them any time you want, even within the same lesson to suit particular songs.

So what are you waiting for..?

No instrument?  No problem!  We have guitars and amps for students to use for their first few lessons until you're sure that you want to learn, or for hire from just £15/month.

Too nervous? No need! Most students come to us as complete beginners and all teaching is at the student's own pace.  Tutors are young, friendly musicians who are trained to teach with patience and humour, putting students at ease and boosting confidence at all times.

Too shy?? Nope! Electronic instruments have volume controls! Even shy students can play along quietly with the band until they find their feet and feel ready to blast!

Free Taster!

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