ROCKschool Classes for 8 - 18 yrs

You get more than a music lesson at AllStars...


Every weekly class lasts for 50 minutes, beginning with 40 minutes of close tuition, working in pairs of just TWO students to each tutor, followed by 10 minutes of a rocking jam session. 


We keep it simple and easy to understand, helping even young students to get playing music quickly.  It's NOT like school and there's no complicated jargon or confusing notation to learn before getting started. 


We believe the ratio of tutors to students is the most critical factor in teaching and we won't compromise this to cut corners, as it is simply detrimental to the child's learning and confidence.


With just two students each, our tutors can be fully attentive to each student, getting to know each as an individual, and adapting the teaching approach to suit different needs, learning styles and personalities.  


As a result, everyone can enjoy learning at their own pace and their own level, without being left behind, held back or overwhelmed by other students.  Their tutor is always immediately alongside to support and encourage.  


After tuition, students directly apply what they've just learned - playing together as a rock band of guitars, drums, bass and keyboards.  They rock out in a 10 minute, full-on jam session!


Although students enrol to learn their favourite instrument, you'll also have opportunities to play other instruments, whether just for fun or for a specific reason.  For example, to help a guitarist develop their sense of rhythm, their tutor might suggest taking a lesson on drums or bass guitar.  Occasionally, we may have a class switch instruments for some songs, to share what they have learned with each other.


These activities are of great benefit in broadening a student's personal and musical skills; understanding the role each instrument plays in the band, and keeping their interest in the long term.


As a result, many of our long-term students are now competent multi-instrumentalists and have great versatility as young musicians.

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