Learn at home with a weekly private Zoom lesson... plus a whole lot more!

Put lockdown to good use - learn to play ALL rock band instruments at no extra charge!

ROCK@home lessons on guitar, bass, drums & keyboard
ROCK@home lessons on guitar, bass, drums & keyboard

Our new ROCK@home lessons are private tuition, held safely live online using Zoom, the face-to-face video meeting app... plus a whole lot more!  

  • Learn on a 1:1 basis for 30 mins weekly, with our dedicated AllStars Rockschool team of tutors
  • Enrol for just ONE Zoom lesson per week and learn ALL FOUR instruments in your own time at no extra charge!  
  • Log-in access to exclusive Student Support Library and Song Lesson Library
  • Tuition videos to re-watch lessons at any time
  • "Play along" videos to jam with tutors
  • Downloadable resources for all instruments
  • Option to join classes after lockdown to play as a band!
  • All for a single monthly fee of £100 with occasional extra lessons offered at no extra charge!

 For your free 30 minute ROCK@home taster lesson on your choice of guitar, bass, keyboards or drums, click here!